Asian Guys in Shorts and Socks
I'm 20 and I'm Asian also for those who were wondering. Asian guys in long white socks and shorts is my big niche. I just really like a guy in that combo and I hope you guys enjoy my taste just as much. Majority of what I post is safe for viewing, so there will be no nudity most definitely.
I also do run another website called And it does contain mostly guys in sock bondage. Another one of my fetishes.

These are photos I've collected over the past year, so no, I do not own any of these photos. Just FYI.
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Dirty mirror selfie after intense plyometric session! #dead #beatdown #plyo #fitness #gayboy #me

Teeny tiny gains…. Not what I hoped for after two months in the gym. #progress #fitness #gayboy #gaysian #help #me

4 miles / 32 min / 7:30 min per mile. Not bad considering the last time I ran was back in January! #run #fitness #gaysian #gayboy #me

Thanks you guys! ^_^

kingsocks13 asked:
Hey man you have a hot tumblr. Are there any pix of you?

Nope, I do not… I actually deleted my pictures off of my archive haha

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